I just thought this would be a good idea

Let me get this off my chest right away: English ain’t my mother tongue. I’ll be making mistakes. Sorry about that.

I really thought starting a blog would be a good idea, as a form of public journal. I kind of think that it may be easier for me to write about myself on the internet than to communicate my feelings to someone in person. I guess it has something to do with the whole anonymousness on the web etc. I’m not a writer, so my posts are bound to be crude and unpolished. Sorry about that as well.

This might work as a therapy of sorts, I guess.

I don’t know… I’m new at this and since I come “from a long line of quitters” (to steel the wording from Black Books) this might as well be my first and last post. But, I will try. I feel like I have stuff to say, it’s just that I never give myself a proper chance to do that. Am too cynical, I guess. Which is funny really, when I think about it. I’m in my fucking 20s, for god’s sake! But, anyway… I just have this feeling like we’re overwhelmed with so much of everything from all around and beyond us, that we can’t really weigh things properly. Everything must be short and with a thumbnail or something, otherwise, it won’t grab your attention. It’s like everything’s imitating ads: no actual, pragmatic content, just flashing you with imagery and either suggestive (“Do you want to feel like Beyonce? Then buy this *piece of crap*”) or aggressive (“Buy this! Drink this! Wear this! Fuck yourself on this?”) language.

Anyway… I got opinions. Wanna share them.



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