BBC Sherlock Rant

I really loved the show. The actors were amazing, the plot and dialogue as well — the first two seasons were mind-blowing. HOWEVER… Season 3 happened and crapped all over my beautiful pastime activity. The 3rd season had me bellowing and almost sobbing as I frustratingly grabbed onto wisps of my hair: WHAAAAAY? *deep sigh*

giphyEven now I get upset just thinking about the dung heap that was season 3. Perhaps in 20 years time, it’ll all be water under the bridge and I’ll be able to make myself watch season 4 or whatever (2017 UPDATE: I couldn’t bring myself to watch season 4).



I discovered fanfiction and particularly Sherlock/John fanfiction out of my frustration with the latest episodes. And I have to admit I didn’t expect that I’d be absolutely, overwhelmingly, surprisingly amazed at what I’d encountered: there were some stupefyingly talented people out there and they wrote some of the most interesting and most fantastic stuff and – what’s more – it was way better than the Moftiss’ bugger cocktail excuse for S3.


I discovered pieces that were begging to be turned into a movie (that time around that ridiculous clusterfuck trilogy called ’50 shades of gre/ay’ — also a fanfic — was becoming popular and I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that such poor writing was causing world-wide sensation). For example, wordstrings on AO3 is one of my favorite authors; they write astonishingly profound work and they’re wonderful enough to share it with all of us. Those are the people that deserve acknowledgement not ridicule!


The thing Moftiss did in the S3 first episode was perhaps ambivalent to some, but, for me, it was condescending to their fanbase and even if you could ignore that, there were the next 2 episodes of pure disregard to everything that had been built up to that point. And the whole queer-baiting… god! Seriously, I’ve been so disappointed with the show that fanfiction came truly as a breath of fresh air. Everyone who’s written or done something out of pure love for it (basically for free) deserves my respect.

Now… Why slash? Obviously, there’re F/M options as well. Well, I know that, but I don’t care about them. For me, the entire revival of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in the 21st century is all the more exciting because gay relationships are fortunately becoming less and less of a taboo. Just think what a revolutionary step it would have been for civil rights on screen if BBC and the writers had had the balls to make Sherlock and John a love couple. And it would totally make sense and fit perfectly into the way they had been portrayed in the show. But instead, we got an all-straight gang (apart from just a mention of John’s lesbian sister) doing their best to be as straight as possible (please recall all the ‘I’m not gay!’s by John Watson). God!



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