Millennials: Are We the Worst?

There are plenty of articles, surveys and “analyses” given (mostly) by non-Millennials about the way people born between 1980 and 2000 are the chaos embodied: they are lazy, undisciplined, narcissistic and unrealistic.

But to me it seems these authors are too comfortable labeling an entire group of people as socially useless considering that middle-aged and old-aged assholes started some of the most destructive and enduring wars in the Middle East and Africa as well as the worst economic depression since the Great Depression of the last century, all of which had disastrous and long-standing consequences for entire populations around the world – including so-called Millennials. And need I remind you that no one has yet been held accountable for this?

How narcissistic, self-absorbed, psychopathic and myopic do you have to be to fuck things up for billions of people just so you could buy another small island in the Caribbean? I am a Millennial if you wish (I’m not very comfortable with the idea that two Baby-Boomers came up with the name, but well…) and I may be subjective on the issue, but I don’t see why a group of people whose primary concerns are climate change and destruction of natural resources, large scale conflict and wars and poverty (Business Insider 2016) would be seen as self-absorbed.

My country is apparently a “developing” country – somewhere between socialism and capitalism – which means that we’re not there yet. A lot of people my age don’t work or they work illegally (their bosses don’t want to pay admittedly high taxes for workers), which isn’t the best of ways to spend your most productive years. Many have gone abroad and even the politicians are starting to admit that we are a rapidly aging country with a birth-rate that’s worse than Korea’s. Nevertheless, the daily political nonsense here is still about nationalistic interest and stupid shit like that. And just guess what generation these politicians belong to?

I am not saying that my generation is angelic and never wrong – that would be as ridiculous as saying  that we are “the worst workers in the history of the world ( 2015) – we are all individuals after all. But if Millennials are more productive in a more relax environment, I don’t see why that’s a problem? Just because people used to throw their feces out of the window in the Middle Ages, it doesn’t mean that later generations should’ve continued the same.

I also can’t see why there is a problem with my generation being more interested in personal self-growth and discovery? Or wanting to have a meaningful job? Since when has self-fulfillment and chasing your dreams become a bad thing? I didn’t get a memo about us going back to the feudal system of peasants and gentry, sorry.

For me personally, I believe it’s better to dream big, even if you fall hard, than to moon-walk through your best years for a car and a house you can’t really afford.




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